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Search real listings for your new home

We’re constantly updating the listings on our site so they’re current and accurate. You know what you're going to see in person.

THE OLD WAY: What you see online may not be what you see in person.

Choose the places you like best

When you find an apartment you're interested in, hit "Contact to Visit". We'll pair you with an Livehere Agent to schedule a time for you to see it in person.

THE OLD WAY: Call and try to schedule appointments with multiple brokers.

Visit with an Livehere Agent

Your agent will recommend more apartments, take you to visit your favorites, and work with you until you find a home you love.

THE OLD WAY: Work with multiple agents that aren't very knowledgeable about your search.

Apply for your new home online

When you find an apartment you love, we'll help you close the deal and submit your application online.

THE OLD WAY: Messy paperwork and forms that have to be faxed or hand-delivered.