What is Livehere?

Livehere is a way to find a great place to live in New York City. We’re making apartment rentals and sales easier by enabling you to:

  • Search thousands of real, up-to-date apartments for sale and for rent on Livehere.com and our app.
  • Partner with an Livehere Agent throughout every step of your search.
  • Keep track of your apartment search in one, single place with My Visits.
  • Discover the perfect neighborhood to call home with our Neighborhood Guides.

Learn more on our How It Works page.

What areas does Livehere serve?

We’re currently serving neighborhoods in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Where do Livehere listings come from?

Listings on Livehere come from landlords, management companies, or the exclusive brokers that represent them. We also enhance many of our listings with additional photos and detailed information that our Livehere Agents collect while visiting apartments.

We compile these listings into one comprehensive database on our site that users can search to find a great place to live.

Where can I find useful information on neighborhoods?

We’ve created a series of Neighborhood Guides to help you figure out what neighborhood is right for you, and also provide you with some tips for that area.

Do you offer rentals that are less than one year?

We do not offer rentals that are less than one year, but we have partnered with another organization that can help you with a shorter-term lease. Please email shorttermrental@Livehere.com or call 1 (646) 619-9570 to get in touch.

Can I buy an apartment through Livehere?

Yes, we can help you purchase an apartment in any of the areas that we serve. You can get started by visiting our Sales page to find apartments you might be interested in, or email sales@Livehere.com to be connected to one of our sales agents.

Can I sell my apartment through Livehere?

Yes, email sales@Livehere.com to tell us about your home, and we’ll connect you with the best agent for your listing.

I'm a landlord. How do I get in touch?

Please email us at landlords@Livehere.com.